KYAN Pascal and the KIX Shell for the Apple II
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Kyan Pascal is comprised of a full screen text editor and a Pascal compiler/assembler. The text editor is used to type Pascal and assembly language programs and create "source code" files.

The Pascal compiler/assembler is used to convert these source code files into 6502 machine language files. These machine code files are what enable Kyan Pascal programs to run 30 times faster than BASIC programs.

Kyan Pascal is a full implementation of standard Pascal. The compiler has been fully validated for compliance with the ISO (International Standards Organization) standard for Pascal. Since standard Pascal syntax is used, Kyan Pascal programs may be transported to other computers. Also, Kyan Pascal syntax is compatible with most Pascal textbooks.

Kyan Pascal utilizes the ProDOS Operating System and is compatible with any Apple // computer with at least 64K of memory and a single disk drive. A copy of the ProDOS Operating System and Filer is included on the Kyan Pascal disk. For more information about ProDOS, please refer to the Kyan Pascal User's Manual and/or execute the ProDOS Filer.

Kyan Pascal offers two user interfaces. The standard interface is a menu driven environment with multiple help screens. This interface is perfect for those people just learning the language. For more advanced users, Kyan Pascal features a unique, Unix-like operating environment called "KIX"(tm). With the KIX environment, you may bypass the menus and work in a single command line environment. Whenever the KIX prompt ("%") is present, you can edit, compile, or directly access more than 30 file and directory management functions. The KIX environment is another reason why programming with Kyan Pascal is fast and easy.

Kyan Pascal features a full-screen text editor similar to WordStar. The screen editor functions in either 40 or 80 column mode. Help screens are always available to display the editor commands. When you are through editing you can save your file on the disk and exit the editor by pressing a single key.

Kyan Pascal also features an auto load option which lets you automatically load the editor and compiler into RAM when the disk is booted. (Note: an extended 80-column card or RAM board is required by this feature).

The Kyan Pascal compiler/assembler automatically converts your Pascal source code into machine code. In the conversion process, Pascal and assembly language syntax is checked for errors. When compilation is complete, an object code file is automatically saved on the disk. If errors have been detected, an object file will not be generated. Instead, a source code listing of the program will be printed, along with a compiler listing of the location and type of errors found. You can easily correct errors and debug programs by re- entering the editor, correcting the mistakes, and repeating the compilation procedure.

Kyan Pascal is a very powerful programming tool. It is widely used in schools by instructors who are teaching the Pascal language and by students who are taking a class in Pascal and want to work at home. Kyan Pascal is also used by a growing number of professional programmers who are developing new application software for the Apple // series of computers.

Kyan Pascal is supported by a growing number of "toolkits" which contain special purpose routines that are useful in programming. Kyan's MouseText Toolkit allows programmers using Kyan Pascal to add Macintosh-like windows and pull-down menus to their programs. The Advanced Graphics Toolkit gives programmers access to a wide range of highly sophisticated graphics routines. The Utility Toolkit contains a mixture of helpful utilities and file management functions which make program development fast and easy.

Thanks for selecting Kyan Pascal for the Apple // series. You can learn more about Kyan Pascal and keep up on all the latest developments by subscribing to "Update...Kyan", Kyan's bi-monthly newsletter.



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