/* DEMOCLR.c by bill buckels 2000         */
/* a graphics demo for the apple II       */
/* written in Manx Aztec C65 Version 3.2b */
/* runs under DOS33                       */
/* this was based on an old  dos 3.3 demo.*/
/* I modified it to suit the G3 library   */
/* I didn't bother to center the demo...  */
/* The original is left-justified for     */
/* some reason, and I just left it as-is  */
/* for this version...                    */

#define TEXTMODE  0
#define GRAFMODE  2  /* graphics only           */

#define clearscreen() fbox(0,0,39,191,0)
int getch();

main() { int c,i,z,a,b,m,n,o; scr_clear(); setcrtmode(GRAFMODE); plots("Press",32,100,4); plots("Any",32,108,4); plots("Key...",32,116,4); c=getch(); clearscreen(); clear_bottom(); plots("G3 DOS33 GRAPHICS LIBRARY",7,80,1); bdrw(0,87,260,87); bdrw(0,78,260,78); mscreen(); print_bottom("This shows how plots(s,x,y,c) works.",1,0); print_bottom("Also, it shows how mscreen() can create",2,0); print_bottom("a mixed screen. Hit any key to go on.",3,0); c=getch(); clear_bottom(); fscreen(); vdrw(0,5,260,5); vlineto(260,186); vlineto(0,186); vlineto(0,5); gdrw(10,100,250,100); rdrw(10,140,250,140); a=1; b=-1; z=139; n=99; for(i=10;i<=250;++i){ if(z<=100 || z>=140) a=-a; if(n<100 || n>=140) b=-b; z+=a; n+=b; plot(i,z); plot(i,n); } mscreen(); print_bottom("Hi, we are back to mixed screen again!",0,0); print_bottom("This shows how lines and points can be",1,0); print_bottom("drawn by vdrw, gdrw, rdrw, and plot.",2,0); print_bottom("Hit any key to continue.",3,0); c=getch(); clear_bottom(); fscreen(); for(o=5;o<=15;o+=5){ circle(30,163,o); circle(230,163,o); } for(m=29;m<=229;m+=50) circle(m,40,20); plotchar('H',4,37); plotchar('E',11,37); plotchar('L',18,37); plotchar('L',25,37); plotchar('O',32,37); mscreen(); print_bottom("These circles are drawn by the circle",0,0); print_bottom("function with center & radius specified.",1,0); print_bottom("Now, let's see how set_asp(x,y) works.",2,0); print_bottom("Press any key to continue.",3,0); c=getch(); clear_bottom(); fscreen(); plots("set_asp(3,1)",14,160); set_asp(3,1); circle(130,163,20); mscreen(); print_bottom("That's all, folks! See you later.",1,0); print_bottom("Press any key to take the farewell look.",3,0); c=getch(); clear_bottom(); fscreen(); c=getch(); setcrtmode(TEXTMODE); scr_apple(); reboot(); /* scr_clear(); exit(0); */ }

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